Midcity Arcade is situated at 200 Bourke Street, between Swanston and Russell Street – in a prime retail and entertainment position within the Melbourne CBD. It is also linked to Little Bourke Street, the heart of Chinatown through the Arcade’s retail shops.

Inside the arcade you will find more than 30 retail shops in a lot of varieties, such as Fashion & Accessories, Technology & Communications, Beauty and Hair, Authentic Asian Cuisine, Travel Agency, Video shops and many others. Not just this, the Midcity Arcade is going through an expansion project, therefore more new shops are coming up.

Worrying about the parking ticket in City? Yes, to find a parking in Melbourne city is not an easy task, but Midcity Arcade has a 2 level carpark which will make your shopping experience even more relaxing and fun.

Midcity Arcade also features the Chinatown Cinema complex which will reopen very soon.  Chinatown cinema has brought a lot of great and unforgettable Asian movies to Melbournian. Chinatown Cinema is the main ticket outlet for most major concerts of Asian artists and singers. So if you have any enquiries about  a concert, just click on to the “contact us” for more details.

京華商場位於200 Bourke Street,分別在Swanston Street 和Russell Street之間。坐落在墨爾本市中心,貫穿Bourke Street至Little Bourke Street,成為墨爾本市中心最具傳統特色的商場之一。



京華戲院亦同樣位於京華商場之內,一直為墨爾本華人提供一個華語電影欣賞的好地方。京華戲院為蕭氏機構旗下之機構, 也是演唱會門票之主要售票處。蕭氏機構多年來主辦無數大型演唱會,提供高質素現場視聽效果的表演給澳洲觀眾。

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